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Washington, D.C.

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Contributors List

Contributors List

We are deeply grateful for the support of the following volunteers from The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, The Walt Disney Company, Baker McKenzie and several other public interest law experts throughout the Washington, DC area who made this Handbook possible.  The work product is the culmination of thousands of pro bono volunteer hours.
Bob Amicone Teisha Johnson Justin Radell
Matthew Andonian Scott Justice Andrew Riccio
Heather Arts Enid Karpeh Julia Rix
Carlos Brackley Benjamin Kelly Armando Rodriguez-Feo
Lisa Brogan John Kosmidis Michael Santos
Jennifer Cannan Kristin Toretta Lee Adam Scott
Suzanne Catanzaro Di Li Jennifer Seale
John Cunningham Fabricio Lopez Jennifer Semko
Shannon Donnelly Rosie Magana Keo Shaw
Corey Duersch Juliana Marques Terri Southwick
Robert Duffy Jessica Marroquin Seth Stuhl
Philippine Dumoulin Blake Martin Richard Tanney
Karen Frederickson John McGowan Angela Vigil
Adrianna Fuentes Mario Mendolaro Cassidy Waskowicz
Courtney Giles Susan Moon Amanda Worcester Martin
Eugene Holmes Cathy Muir Diana Widjaya
Julie Huh Josh Odintz D.J. Williams-Persad
Lauren Hwangbo Adeola Olowude Brian Whisler
Olivia Iannicelli Jaclyn Pampel Nadine Youssef
Ayano Ichida Dhriti Pandhi Renee Yuen