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Contributors List

Contributors List

We are deeply grateful for the support of the following volunteers from United Airlines, Baker McKenzie and the Law Project of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, as well as the many public interest law experts, who made this Handbook possible.

Matthew Alhouse Laurene Heybach Noel Peters
Martin Armstrong, Jr. Laura Homan Garrison Phillips
Heather Arts Mateen Husami Adrienne Pitts
Graham Bowman Bianco Jimenez Mike Poland
Nonie Brennan, Ph.D. Rhonda S. Jones Emily Porter
Lisa Brogan Teisha Johnson Tiffany Pryor
Lara Brooks Kevin Jonas Stephanie Pulcanio
Tom Campuzano Dorothy Karpierz Margie Reins
Echell M. Carrillo Sam Kramer Aaron Rice
Beverly Cervino John Lakosil Shima Roy
Kelly Clifton Christina Landgraf Ed Runyan
Theresa Conduah Lincoln Lounsbury Cheryl Spataro
Jim Conneely Shobha Mahadev Carole Spink
Beth Cunningham Erin Maus Richard Tanney
Megan Detzner Marisa McHugh Nigel Thavasi
Averil Edwards Karim R. Merchant Barbara Thomas
Lihy Epstein Sucheta Misra Nancy Trattner
Lisa S. Erikson Dana Monaco Ryan Vann
Jenny Friedle Gladys Montemayor Angela Vigil
Sheila Frederick Jennifer Munsayac John Watson
Adrianna Fuentes Andray Napolez Matthew Wexley
Steve Fus Patricia Nix-Hodes Dwight White
Cindy Goodwin Chris Nogalo Jessica Wicha
Sarah Harris Mary O’Neil Dr. Dorene Wiese
Alexis Hawley Jaclyn Pampel Greg Wu
Ali Heinen Todd Patterson
Carmela Hernandez Janet Peters


Many on-line reliable resources are available for additional help and information and to the extent we were able to identify these on-line sources, they are listed under relevant topics at the end of the handbook. In particular, we gratefully acknowledge and credit the many sources of legal information available at www.illinoislegalaidonline.org, which was a primary source of much of the legal information contained in this handbook.

Many thanks to IGLOO the initial architect of the Homeless Youth Handbook website.  We are so grateful to your contributors to this project!