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Art Recognition

Art Recognition

Website Artwork
The artwork showcased on the Homeless Youth Handbook - Oregon website was created by Brandt Maina, an abstract artist and writer from Nairobi, Kenya. "i am trying to fall in love with the rain" is an original work created by Brandt Maina using acrylic, oil pastels on paper. He came to Portland, Oregon in the Summer of 2021 and was excited the warm, dry weather reminded him of Nairobi. The wet winters, however, not so much. Brandt Maina can be contacted through his website: brandtmaina.com 

Poster Artwork
The artwork showcased on the Homeless Youth Handbook - Oregon posters was created by Valentín Heacock, a 23 year old Portland based QTPOC artist focusing on surreal portraiture. "Phantasmagoria 2," the piece showcased on the HYH - Oregon posters is a gouache on canvas and licenced for uses related to this Handbook. He has had several successful pop-ups dedicated to his work in boutiques, local libraries, and a donut shop. Valentín's passion for conceptual work has been combined with many years of practicing and appreciating portrait photography and traditional artwork. You can follow him on Instagram at @valentins_hopesanddreams

Both original works of art were licensed by Baker McKenzie from the artists for use related to the Homeless Youth Handbook - Oregon.