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Contributors List

Contributors List

We are deeply grateful for the support of the following volunteers from Ecolab, Baker McKenzie and Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services and the many public interest law experts, who made this Handbook possible with special acknowledgement to Children’s Law Center of Minnesota.

Narendra Acharya Suzanne Guertin Miguel Noyola
Matthew Allison Ed Harrison Tiana O’Konek
Martin Armstrong Alexis Hawley Jaclyn Pampel
Heather Arts Brian Hengesbaugh Lilia Panteleeva
James Bartholomew Ted Herzog Crysta Parkin
Paul Baumeister Lisa Hill Kai Peterson
Andrew Boling Julia Hillel Emily Porter
Clarisa Bonilla Scott Hofer Jennifer Stohl Powell
Cassie Boyle Shane Hoffman Janine Quitter
Scott Braden Bianco Jimenez Chris Ramacciotti
Barrie Brejcha Joanne Jirik Mullen Craig Roeder
Carol Bros Kevin Jonas Ed Runyan
Debra Buckner Robert Kent Dieter Schmitz
Christina Bullock David Kurczewski Meghan Scully
Benjamin Carlsen Jonathan Lancton Jim Seifert
Emanuelle Caucci Barbara Laska Eunkyung Shin
Eliza Chlebeck Alexandra Lee Alexander Silverberg
Deb Christopherson Cory Lewis Valerie Snyder
Samantha Clawson Brian Lipford Amanda Swartz
Theresa Corona Karen Lockman Maryam Tabatabai
Regine Corrado Amy Lohmann Richard Tanney
Julia Craig Duffy Lorenz Peter Tester
Amy Danielson Julie Loughrey Loren Thacker
Sarah Davis Diane MacDonald Charles Thomas
James Denzer Lea Malewitz Nancy Trattner
Tom Doyle Michelle Martinez Mary Umsted
David Duvick Lisa McNaughton Jennifer Vander Vorst
Lilian Ejebe Craig Meland Susie Vang
Susan Eklin Dana Monaco Angela Vigil
Keilembo Ellison Gladys Montemayor Mary Vrieze
Lihy Epstein Brandon Moseberry John Watson
Kathy Eveslage Michael Murphy Ben Weiss
Marci Fάbrega Andray Napolez Sarah Winston
Jenny Friedle Cody Nelson Wilhelmina M. Wright
Lisa Parker Gates Jessie Nicholson Liz Yablonicky
Andrew Gordon Tricia Nicholson Gloria Yang
Anne Gueinzius Tanya Nossiter Brian Zurawski


Many on-line reliable resources are available for additional help and information and to the extent we were able to identify these on-line sources, they are listed under relevant topics at the end of the handbook. In particular, we gratefully acknowledge and credit the many sources of legal information available at www.lawhelpmn.org, which was a primary source of much of the legal information contained in this handbook.

Many thanks to IGLOO the initial architect of the Homeless Youth Handbook website.  We are so grateful to your contributors to this project!