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We are deeply grateful for the support of the following volunteers from Massachusetts, Boston Scientific, Liberty Mutual, and Baker McKenzie who were each essential in creating the Homeless Youth Handbook - Massachusetts. 

A special thanks to Jake Hofstetter and Melanie Rush for their leadership in spearheading this project.  Our gratitude is further extended to the many legal experts throughout Massachusetts who were essential to producing the content in this Handbook.  Those experts include individuals from: Attorney General's Office, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Addiction Services, Casa Myrna Vasquez, Center for Law and Education, Citizens for Juvenile Justice, Children's League, the Committee for Public Counsel Services, the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, Fenway Health, Greater Boston Legal Services, Healthcare for All, Justice Center for Southeast Massachusetts, KIND, Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, UMass Boston, Y2Y Network. 

We are especially grateful to the youth who participated in focus groups to share their insights and perspectives on the Homeless Youth Handbook - Massachusetts. 

We are proud to share that the work product resulting in the Homeless Youth Handbook - Massachusetts is the culmination of thousands of pro bono volunteer hours contributed from upwards of 120 volunteers.


Stephanie Barlow Carla Figallo Judith Liben Gregory Powell
Laura Botero Stephanie Finklea Thomas Lockhart Lori Powers
Michelle Botus Paul Flynn Kate Lowenstein Corey Prachniak-Rincon
Kathleen Boundy Sarah Fox Jimmy Lucas Alexandra Rickart
Tara Brewer Mia Friedman Xuan Nghi Ma Laura Rincon
Lisa Brogan Hannah Frigand Martha Mayorga Liz Rittinger
Vance Brown Laura Garcia-Cancino Maya McCann Xena Robinson
Christina Bullock Peter George Mac McCreight McKenzie Rude
Justin Burgess Lizbeth Ginsburg Andrea McCullough Jamie Sabino
Jackie Burke Carlo Gnetti Kathy McGrath Wenham Shen
Yitian Cai Lindsay Grim Jennifer Mead Emily Sherwood
Carmen Chan Sanna Hakansson Tom Mela Jeremy Slotnick
Rebecca Chang Meghan Hamilton Paula Melendro Amy Rachel Smith
Nicholas Chaves Scott Hodgdon Tammy Mello Arlene Snyder
Kathryn Cohen Heidi Holland Lina Maria Mendez Athziri Sotodela-Torre
Nadine Cohen Suzanne Hove Jessica Mendez Faith Stachulski
Hanna Coleman Raquel Howard Katharine Miner David Strauss
Mary Pat Cormier Marisa Howe Asjah Monroe Solomon Suleymanov
Regine Corrado Kim Humphrey Andy Musgrave Erica Sullivan
Jessica De Loureiro Brian Jenney Miguel Naguit Jennifer Sunderland
Patrick Devlin Sankalp Kandaswamy Kylie Nassif Blizzard Lewis Sutton
Janet Donovan Amy Karp Tom Neumeier Peter Tobani
Maria Paula Duenas Rebecca Kastner Jody Newman Jennifer Tyderek
Michael Dvoracek Nancy Keating Mai-Khoi Nguyen-Thanh Irene Vitale
Cathleen Dyer Beth Keeley Tricia Nicholson Binh Vong
Shoshanna Ehrlich Bryan Koorstad Patrick Noonan David Wardell
Sammi Elefant Mayra Lara Catherine O’Donnell Naoko Watanabe
Jessica Ellis Polly Larracas Xuan Hung Pham Steve White
Alexa Esposito Kimberly LeBlanc Michelle Phillips Linda Wilson
Sana Fadel Kristin Toretta Lee John Post
Dan Young