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North Carolina

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Contributors List

We are deeply grateful for the support of the following volunteers from Legal Aid of North Carolina, Bank of America and Baker McKenzie who were each essential in creating the Homeless Youth Handbook - North Carolina.

A special thanks to Emily Hamblin and Geoff Saxe from Bank of America, as well as Denise Glagau and Anna Belova from Baker McKenzie for their leadership in spearheading the pro bono legal work. An added note of deep gratitude to Hope Williams at the Legal Aid of North Carolina for her leadership in guiding the direction and expert level review of the content of this Handbook. Our thanks is further extended to the many legal experts throughout North Carolina who were essential to producing the content in this Handbook. Those experts include individuals from: ACLU of North Carolina, Disability Rights North Carolina, Equality NC, Legal Aid of North Carolina, North Carolina Guardian ad Litem Program, North Carolina Office of the Juvenile Defender, Wake County Public Defender's Office.

We are proud to share that the work product resulting in the Homeless Youth Handbook - North Carolina is the culmination of thousands of pro bono volunteer hours contributed from upwards of 75 volunteers.


Vincent Alexander

Sarah Freeman

Cristina Messerschmidt

Marie Antoinette Alipio

Sarah Frey

Alice Moscicki

Herman Allen

Adrianna Fuentes

Nancy Nolan

Nick Alman

Dmitrii Gabrielov

Adeola Olowude

Mario Ayala Rubin

Felicia Gardner

Monta Ormond

Chris Bartolli

Denise Glagau

Marc Paul

Judy Beall

Pam Grotsky

Kim Pellicone

Anna Belova

Emily Hamblin

Caroline Pham

Bernard Botchway

Mai Hamid

Alexandra Rickart

Riley Bubb

Hilary Hayes

Rocío Rodríguez Ruiz

Justin Burgess

Melissa Hebron

Jerrie Rutledge

Renee Carlton

Michael Hoes

Geoff Saxe

Beth Carroll

Ethel Hollins

Lauren Scott

Lauren Carter

Terry Irvin

Laticia Smith-Peele

Jennifer Cecil

Frasier Ives

Brian Stanton

Rebecca Chang

AJ Jaramillo

Rashida Stevens 

Erin Collins

Arthur Kiureghian

Todd Stillerman

Beth Colvin

Mike Lapp

Solomon Suleymanov

Bobby Cook

Polly Larracas

Jieun Tak

Amanda Daniel

Amy Littman

Glenda Thompson Farrell

Nicholas Decker

Aaron Longo

Victoria Townley

Neil Donetti

Jimmy Lucas

Lauren Walter

Jena Duncan

Annie Matonis

Naoko Watanabe

Jonathan Farrokhnia

Helene Mele

Hope Williams

Dani Fonseca Puggina

Melba Merritt

Elizabeth Yingling